In Atriet, you are part of the strong professional environment of Ipark

Ipark—Innovation Park Stavanger—is an international centre for innovation, research and business development. We aim to stimulate vitality and originality among both established and new firms.

Ipark is working life made easy

On the lookout for the right office facilities? A place where you can grow and thrive, think and develop, facilitate contact and receive guests? A place where it is easy to come and go, easy to park? Take a look at what Ipark has to offer.


Stimulation and vitality

Our aim is that all kinds of professionals can feel at home with us. Ipark shall be a dependable and flexible workplace that is a good fit for many. Our diversity is already considerable, with around 130 tenants, and we would like to welcome more. Ipark has a unique range of professions represented, making you a part of something greater and allowing for synergies between different skilled environments. Ipark houses leading firms within innovation and technology. 

Facilities that grow with you

Our modern and flexible office facilities are suitable for firms, public agencies, and research and educational professionals. Nine buildings spread out over 40,000 square metres give organisations the flexibility to grow inside the Innovation Park. The area has been zoned for an additional 55,000 square metres.

The Ipark Area


With all kinds of firms working side by side, the diversity adds an extra dimension to life at Ipark. You’ll find yourself energised from encountering like-minded potential partners all around you.


Ipark boasts one of Norway’s leading incubators. Advisors help innovators, entrepreneurs and companies succeed with their business ideas.


Where to find us