Excellent work environment
for large and small firms

A sense of community, with individual offices and open-plan offices

In Atriet, the focus is on environment and atmosphere. This makes for an inspiring place where you are part of an established, active environment and a large network.

Atriet is designed to house both large and small firms. The building will consist of four floors in which users themselves can design and adapt the partitioning according to their needs—or even rent an entire floor. Storage space can also be rented on the lower ground floor.



All facilities will be adapted to the client’s needs and preferences

We will do our utmost to ensure everything is as your firm would like it to be. The building will be highly flexible and easy to adapt for all purposes.

Focus on sustainability


We are proud of the fact that Atriet will be one of the first rehabilitated buildings in the county of Rogaland with BREEAM certification. This means a state-of-the-art building that fulfils all requirements of Norway’s highest certification for sustainable buildings.


The benefits beeing part of ipark:

+   Two reception desks and a main switchboard
+   Postal services
+   Staff restaurant in Måltidets Hus
+   14 shared meeting rooms
+   Auditorium   
+   Topical lunches and professional gatherings
+   Exercise room/locker room
+   Ample parking
+   Closed-off outdoor bike parking
+   Janitorial services
+   Various benefit agreements


easy to get to

Ipark is favourably located at Ullandhaug—with easy access to Stavanger city centre, an outdoor recreational area, business districts and the University of Stavanger. This makes it easy to come and go and avoid the worst traffic trouble in the area. There are also good public transport connections. Pedestrians and cyclists can take advantage of the neighbouring Sørmarka outdoor recreational area.